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Earthmoving Equipment Cost

Due to the cost of construction equipment and the maintenance there off, is it advisable to rather hire these earthmoving equipment for construction projects than to buy them.

In short this website has been build on the basis to register earthmoving equipment where the company’s core business is to supply construction equipment to the construction industry on the one side and for contractors finding most needed heavy earthmoving machinery on the other side.

Both sides in the industry need to register their respective company’s on the web site for free, to have full use and access of the free web site data base.Those companies’ supplying the earthmoving equipment for the construction industry needs to register their respective earthmoving machines and keep it updated on a regular basis, so that construction companies, have ease finding and hiring the respective construction equipment needed.

This is how it works. When companies, with a core business of supplying construction equipment, register their construction machines for free and this earthmoving machinery is leaving their home base in which case will also be registered on the website is updated to the contractor’s base of operations, so that other construction companies in the vicinity have the ease of hiring the same earthmoving machine, and in return save on transportation costs. This brings us to the topic of saving on transportation cost of heavy construction machines. Due to the cost of fuel and the irrevocable damage roads can do to the transportation company’s equipment and, the high risk companies have of transporting their heavy earth moving machinery. It is becoming more and more apparent that the way to go forward for construction companies and suppliers of construction equipment, is trying to find a neutral ground by supplying and finding heavy earth moving machines much nearer to each other. in order to safe on the transportation cost and for the supplies of heavy construction machines to have their earth moving machinery less on the road, furthermore this will also cut down on down time for earthmoving equipment when it is transported to and from contractors home base of operations and the suppliers of earth moving equipment home base.



Reason behind this web site

In the plant hire industry there are three major Problem areas

  1. The fuel and transportation costs going UP and UP
  2. There is no track record for operators.
  3. Down time of machines can became very costly to the owner.

This web site do not just look in to the three major problem areas of the industry some other problems are automatically solved like the risk to the owner for the transportation of his machines.

We also covering news events on what are happening in the construction and mining industry and wil also do reviews on new equipment on the market.

In order for us to test the workings of the website, all functions will be for free for time being. And we urge you to register your company’s and machines use the web site to your advantage, and update your profile and machines on a regularly basis so that we can track them and give you the service what everybody deserves, but most importantly register your operators so that we can fix there track record in order to get those dangerous and untrustworthy operators out of the industry.